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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 1, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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♪ hello, everybody. thanks for joining us, it's time for fantastic videos "right this minute." >> his brakes. >> menace on the road. crazy driver speeding, weave, even gets in front of this black suv and brake check himself. it's who the driver was and what he did next that is the real shocker. >> seems like a total abuse of power. >> a motorcycle heads into an intersection. on that motorcycle, five people. see why that is never a good idea. >> we've got to do chugging
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gator-aid on an insane cross-country run. out there runs 30 to 40 miles a day. people calling you crazy. why are you doing this? >> i'm really passionate about this. >> and a video that is off the hook as a poor, old popper fish faces sudden death until a hero comes along. >> tell us about the nickname you gave this guy. >> puff daddy. >> more bad for the secret service. bad driving. video obtained showed the driver following behind a car he believes is driving recklessly. got his camera out and following the black car in the center of your screen. a dodge charger. >> going 80 miles an hour in a 55. >> overing his speed. over 80 miles an hour. watching the car go in and out of lanes and claiming he saw the dodge charger using its emergency lights to flash at people and get them to move out of the way.
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>> he's driving like a [ bleep ]. >> at one point you'll see this charger fly ahead, gets in front of this black suv and brake checks him. >> oh. slamming on his brakes. [ bleep ]! >> so this charger is driving like a real jerk. >> yes, seems to be. then the charger pulls this car over, but then -- >> oh, my god. i'm in [ bleep ] trouble for this. >> the charger bails out, on to an exit ramp and takes off. just pulls this guy over and then speeds off down this exit ramp. >> the speed limit is 35. he's going 85. >> seems like a total abuse of power. abuse of authority. >> and that's maybe what the secret service agents thought so, too. that dodgecharger is registered to the secret serce en put on administrative leave after this video became public. >> needs to be placed on administrative leave to be
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investigated so others can do their job. >> this san example of a civilian keeping an agent in check. >> we reached out to the secret service field office in charlotte and did not hear back. >> whoa! to china. take a look at this motorcycle on the left of your screen pulling up to this intersection. on that motorcycle are five people. >> what? >> five miniature people? >> five normal-sized people in china. >> now, look, also, at the light. it is red. but the motorcyclist guiding this motorcycle decided he or she was going to keep driving and, yes, exactly what you're seeing -- >> oh, no! >> oh, my -- >> like a people explosion. >> look at this different angle. >> why do you have five people on a motorcycle? >> oh, my. >> in other countries, it's frequent, it's common that they pack the whole family on a motorcycle. that may be the only way to get around. of course, it's dangerous, but if you're going to have that many people on your bike and you're responsible for them,
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don't do something stupid. there wasn't anybody with any protection. >> they all went to the hospital but didn't face any life-threatening injuries. >> it looks like somebody threw a basket of laundry. >> all william flying into the air and slid on the pavement. they didn't have serious injury, that accident is -- >> teaches you a lesson. red means stop. >> how about a law in china that says you can't have five people on a motorcycle. >> seriously. stop at red. maui, hawaii, diver encounters a puffer fish. what's the first thing you notice? >> it's hooked. >> big hook through this puffer fish's mouth. it's about the size of a football, and you see scott down there trying to help this thing out to tell us about this underwater rescue, what
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compelled them to do it in the first place, scott waterloo and kai joining us from maui, hawaii. how did you first encounter this puffer pish fish and how do you think it got the hook? >> offshore fishing, i'm sure. fishing for a larger fish and this puffer fish happened to like what was on the hook. gone all wait through his bottom jaw. kind of removed. >> is a puffer fish dangerous? do they have spines? i notice you're kind of not really wanting to grab the fish? >> i was actually trying to keep my fingers away from their mouth. that's what you have to worry about. a crushing plate which would actually pulverize the bone, if it gets your fingers in his mouth. >> are they friendly? easily approachable? didn't look like this one was trying to swim away? >> these fish are actually pretty shy and not that approachable. so i think maybe this guy possibly had a feeling that i was there to help him out. >> kai, as a photographer down
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there, could you believe what you can seeing? >> we encounter a lot of stuff like that. turtles that will have hooks in then. the puffer fish was the excitement of the day. by far the best. i didn't think this video would actually be that big, but people love it. >> tell us about the nickname you gave this guy. >> puff daddy. >> yeah. puff daddy. a puffer fish. kind of fits. >> take that hook out and see that puffer, puff daddy, swim away unencumbered, how did it feel? >> it felt great. i honestly think the fish would have starved to death, just the way the hook was through his mouth, it wouldn't allow him to close his mouth and eat the type of food that he eenchts i'm glad you found him and saved him. >> don't worry. that's what we do here. we live aloa. some fire fightners jacksonville, florida, had helmet cams on when they went on the attack of a fire in a 4,000 square foot home. >> oh, man. >> i love this.
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>> this is so cool. >> this video picks up, we see them go into the house, and watch here as you can see timber falling on their head. that chirping you're hearing is an alarm telling them to get out. so they make their exit, and look what's happening on the outside. >> the whole neighborhood is consumed with smoke. >> that's the house he just came out of? >> that is the house they came out of. after the fire, the damage loss was estimated at $400,000. a family, mom, dad, six kids lived in this house. >> gosh. total loss. that's sad. >> guess what? they weren't done yet. even though the firefighters came out, they went back in. here you can see some of the damage left behind. >> what a mess. >> at this point, every step they take is scary because you never know if they're going to step on a loose floorboard going upstairs that's been burned.
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>> listen to this. this happens when they're waiting for water. they need their lines charged and it's not happening as quickly as they want. >> the whole roof is gone at this point. 's in there looking for hot spots, maybe try and recover some property. >> and then, again, they're evacuated one more time. >> get out. [ bleep ]. right now! get out. [ alarm sounds ] >> you got to think these gals and guys do this every day, every week mip mean, they do this all the time. >> the firefighters, they're so awesome. a dude breaks into a shed to get his hands on -- some tires. >> you come home from work and you find this? >> jerk move. >> the story of the rubber robber, next. and it's an attempt to break the world record for tightest parallel parking job. and they're cutting it close.
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new mccafé cherry berry chiller at mcdonald's. the simple joy of keepin' it cool. ♪ hear what people say, when it rains it pour, and in this case it was fun. >> what? >> oh, no. >> oh, my gosh. >> video taken from inside a car in montreal. obviously, it's raining quite heavily. >> oh, my god! >> oh. >> and then right in front you see a huge sewer explosion. >> now, now, now, now -- this is not necessarily dookie. could you water runoff from the rain, down in the sewer, right? >> think how much bert the story is, if it is dookie? it's just flying out. >> you're probably right, but
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think of what goes through those sewers. >> oh, yeah. >> [ bleep ]! >> oh, my god. >> like, oh, my god. what is it? >> [ bleep ]. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> and she still has to drive through it. >> what am i going to do? >> i would not drive -- i would stay there for three days if i had to, because you know when the wheels are turning, it's throwing stuff up under your car. >> whatever you are, you're [ bleep ] crazy. holy [ bleep ]. >> the super system isn't adequate to be able to handle all this extra rain, so they have seen xefseveral manhole covers. >> i like how she says, whatever you are. what do you mean? it's sewer water. we know what it is. >> it's poop. one tough climb for a little lizard. ♪
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♪ >> this guy is richland county, south carolina. try breaking into a homeowner's shed, no success. came back later. broke into the shed and stole four yokohoma tire, four folding tents and one pressure washer totaling in $3,800 in stuff. >> broad daylight. again. just running up and down the driveway with tires. any clue if you knew what was in the shed? >> sounds like he did have some sort of idea, at least to make a second attempt. >> of course, police, invest get aers in south carolina are looking for this guy. if you look in this surveillance camera it looks like he has an accomplice. >> i think it's a woman. >> sort of looks like a dress and heels. >> come home from work and find this? >> jerk move. but if i'm the guy, i'm glad i
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got security cameras. hopefully that leads to something. you got clear picture of the guy, of his car and the accompli accomplice. >> if and when they catch this guy, hopefully the owner can get his stuff back. >> and the owner newspaper what was in the shed, the robber knew, hopefully they can catch him. look. a books, tx, the squirrel, the next, "right this minute." we've got a video that's got rally racing, motocross track, pavement, dirt and jump. >> whoa! >> stick around to see a little thing calmed ral lycross. it's awesome. and this cat is on a mission. see if he's sly enough to pull it off.
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welco welcomeback to the show, but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. check occupant this next video guy. jamie summerlin. a lot of people are calming him insane. here's why. jamie is on a 100-day cross-country run, 30 to 40 mimes per day. he's going to cover more than 3,300 mimes in the journey. finish up on the fourth of july in annapolis, maryland. he's not going this to get himself in good shape for, like,
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the olympics. he's a 39-year-old former marine from west virginia joining us right this minute from the trail in missouri. you're out there running 30, 40 mime as day. people are calling you crazy. why are you doing this? >> every step i'm taking is a way of making awareness to help our veterans get the recognition they deserve. >> what does it take to run 30 to 40 miles a day physically? >> i ran my first marathon in 2001 and sdipded i want to see how far i could push myself. after a few challenges first weeks i'm able to get out. put the miles in, 67 miles every day. >> how many pairs of shoes do you go through? >> came out on the trip with ten pairs of shoe. i rotate them every day. i eat every hour on the hour. last week i went through 247.5 mimes in seven days and burnt
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41,000 calories. i couldn't do it without my crew leader, my chief, my best friend, my wife. it's been challenging. it's been tough. in my eighth day and looking forward to finishing in the next 34 days. >> how much are you wanting to raise? >> something with those in mind, i thought they would continue to follow and compare and con tracht the struggles i've gone through on the run to what our veterans are going through every day. the greater cause is for our men and women who sacrificed a whole lot more than i have and continue to do so every day. >> to donate and for more information head over to jamie's website. that is a tomato.
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♪ some have described it as motocross with a hol cage. roll cage. it's calmed rallycross. combines parts of rally racing, motocross track -- pavement and dirt and jumps. this is at the -- >> pike's peak international raceway in colorado. what we're watching is marcus, the world rally champion. >> kind of the bumping and grinding of nascar. you got this dirt jump. >> whew! >> of motocross and rally
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racing. it's awesome. >> wait until you see this guy hit this 70-foot jump. >> oh! >> whoa. >> wow. >> there's a jump. never really see races in cars that change surface. it's usually all dirt, all pavement, but this goes back and forth. >> this is something i'll actually like to try. >> can i get that gopro footage of of you in the seat? >> i want to drive the car. >> just go 25. >> 25 where? >> i don't drive 25 in a 25 zone. >> oop. oops. in the parking garage? a hotel room is getting a little makeover. >> but not all of the room. >> hatch and half and half. >> i like it
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wouldn't it be awesome if you could do anything wanted by just sending a text? for me it's coffee. >> okay. >> i wish i could just send a text, make my coffee now. >> right. >> well, there is a company that's in seattle, washington, and they do that. >> in this case, this guy is actually headed to his office, but before he even gets in this car he sends a text to the coffee machine at work that has
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a cup of coffee ready for him by the time he gets there. >> awesome. >> to learn more about this, there's really only one person who can help us out. the zach man. >> hi there i love when you pop in like that. so what is this technology? >> that coffee machine actually has its own phone that it's connected to. so you text that phone number and it tells the machine to go. >> can you do that for us? or -- >> it costs some money, but -- >> whatever, zach. >> last time we beam you in for something. at this hotel in france, all the rooms have been decorated by an artist. this artist and his friend started out way white room, and then start painting the room, but not all of the room. ♪ >> looks like it should be under, like, a bridge, or under an overpass. >> this is a misunderstood art
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form and onthink it's dirty but it would keep me up because i'd be sitting there trying to read everything. >> yeah. >> you don't focus in. >> not that i don't like graffiti art, but to me this just looks like a complete and total mess. >> it's cool how they divide the room in two. you see them whith the paint making the line. over the furniture -- >> they even did it to half the bed. the other part of the room is all white. ♪ >> i like it a lot. i think it's great. i love the colors. i like the craziness business of the theme inside and then the calm, peace of the other side. it's kind of a contrast. >> yeah. you need to see both sides of the room. that i can appreciate. should have had a guy sleep in the bed and graffiti half the guy and the other half of the
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guy, just painted white. it's world record time, guys, and this woman is a hotly contested one. it's changed hands five times in the last years. the record, tightest parallel parking job. >> wow. >> that's how you do it. beijing, china, chinese master wheel man han yue and we're seeing him attempt to break the world record over and over again. finally, in his last attempt, han breaks the record by sliding his mini into a space that's only 5.91 inches longer than his car. >> whoa. >> so you've got the car. you've got 5.91 inches and then two other cars. >> do we see him get out? >> no. i think that is probably impossible without moving the cars. han's record shaves only 2.75 inches off the previous record. so just barely beat it. >> with all that practice and skill, you think he tries this in the real world?
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>> i want to see him do it until a suburban nap would be impressive. >> you might need a mini. >> interesting to see inside the car. the emergency brake? >> give han a hand. [ applause ] and that does it for this edition of "right this minute." thanks for watching. we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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